Want to add more stores to your release? Now you can!

April 16th, 2014

We are excited to inform you about a brand new feature that we just added on Record Union. Via the new new “Add Stores” feature you can add new stores and upgrade your current distribution package with just a few clicks!

Previously, this was not possible as your store selection was pretty much fixed to that you chose when you publish it the first time around. Not anymore though! Now you can simply log into your account, pick the extra stores you want, pay a small fee ($2 per store) and your release will become available on this new service within a week.

You can add new stores to your releases from the Manage Music page once logged in.

So, is it time to upgrade your store selection? Perhaps you need want to add some more streaming services or download stores?

Log into your account and click here to get started!

HEARTBEATS mix competition - compete to perform at Summerburst & work with Sony Music

April 2nd, 2014

Are you a Swedish or nordic based DJ or music connoisseur?

Then we should inform you about HEARTBEATS - a mixing competition just launched which involves creating and submitting your very own mix of this years official Summerburst anthem.

After a few rounds of voting, the winner will get to open Summerburst 2014 in Stockholm and Gothenburg and even get to release their mix with the support of Sony Music.

We know there are some seriously talented mixers and DJs using Record Union so we really hope to see some submissions from you.

Get more info here



Google Play launches in Sweden & Norway!

March 18th, 2014

We are excited to inform you that Google Play Music is has now become available for people located in Sweden & Norway.  Greece and Slovakia were also included in this new expansion, making the service available in 25 countries.

Google Play Music is Google´s Download store and is accessible via the Google Play app installed on Android phones, tablets and devices. While searching for music apps and other media, users can now see music results and pay to download individual tracks and albums.

Music All Access - Google´s on demand streaming service - is due to be rolled out in these new territories with a special introductory rate in April 30th.

If you have distributed music to Google Play your music will automatically become available in these new territories. Th exception is if you have excluded these countries in your territory selection when you published your music.

So what are you waiting for - let your fans know they can find you on Google Music!

Spotify Trends updated with new countries

January 28th, 2014

That´s right! You will now find data from a bunch of new territories in Spotify Trends. This means you have a even more accurate daily overview of your spotify plays then ever before. Below is a list of the new territories you can now view data for - you will also now find these included in the tab showing plays per country.

New territories added:

Monte Carlo
Hong Kong

Introducing subscriptions

January 15th, 2014

So, here we come to the first new feature of 2014!

We had a lot of feedback these past months about the current renewal system which requires you to manually renew your release every year. Some peeps were forgetting to renew their release and this has in some cases led to bad situations.

Recurring subscriptions will remove this eventuality by automatically renewing your release every year. In other words, when you publish a new release a yearly subscription will be created which will  (after 1 year) automatically make a new subscription payment. Likewise, when you renew an existing release we will also create an recurring subscription for additional years of distribution you would like to have.

In both cases we will of course send multiple reminders and notifications that you have a subscription coming up and give you ample time to cancel or takedown your release should you wish to.

When rolling out this new functionality we also took the opportunity to give existing renewals interface a face lift. This now has a new and more clear layout and enables you to manage your subscriptions with ease.

We have some new features coming soon - so stay tuned!

It was a heck of year…

January 1st, 2014

Firstly, a very happy new year to all. 2013 was a very exciting year with many landmark events and achievements.

New graphs and features were added to the royalties & reports page, a new helpdesk was launched as well as other improvements to the website. We added Google Play and Simfy to the distribution list and welcomed over 10,000 new artists and labels to our service. Perhaps most exciting of all was the launch of the discovery tool and seeing the first artist get a record deal with Sony Music via the new partnership.

Looking at 2014 we know that this too will be an exciting year. We have some major improvements to the website scheduled and some great new partnerships in the pipeline with the aim of creating more opportunities for all of you using our platform.

From the whole team here at Record Union - happy new year and all the best for 2014.

iTunes holiday shutdown

December 10th, 2013

Important! Between Saturday 21st December and Friday 27th December the iTunes content system will be on holiday mode.This means that during this time the content system will not be processing or making available any new music. Content scheduled to go live between this period will not available until after December 27.

Please keep this in mind when publishing any new releases to iTunes. If you have any questions concerning this and how this might affect you releases don’t hesitate contact us.

Albatroaz - now #29 on the Spotify charts

October 31st, 2013

Albatroaz - who recently signed to Sony Music as part of our collaboration to discover up and coming artists - is now number 29 on the most Spotify track Toplist in Sweden.

The story of Albatraoz is both fun and fascinating and we are certain that together we can create more success stories such as these.

We would like to congratulate Albatraoz and the fine team at Sony Music Sweden for their amazing work.

The big question now is: how much further on the charts will this track climb?

Albatraoz: Discovered on Record Union, signed by Sony Music

October 9th, 2013

It is with great excitement that we announce the first success story of the recent collaboration between Record Union and Sony Music. Albatraoz, the Swedish artist responsible for the self named cult hit “Albatraoz” has now signed record deal with Sony Music as a direct result of being part of the discovery feature.

It all started when a few hungover friends were watching soccer and drinking coffee. Band member Aron Ekberg had a beat on his computer and asked his friends if they wanted to sing along. In his own words, this is is what happened next.:

“…3 hours later the song Albatraoz was created. We wanted to put it up on Spotify so we found Record Union who helped us upload the track on Spotify. Suddenly the song had 20,000 plays a day and we had a record deal with Sony Music. We keep going, we have a lot of new material in the pipeline, hopefully even better”

Currenlty, Albatraoz is ranked 64 on the Spotify charts in Sweden and has no indication of slowing down. A video is due to be released soon.

The signing of Albatraoz is solid proof that the collaboration with Sony Music is creating real opportunities for artists on Record Union who are interested in working with an established record label.

Already we have seen numerous major label signings of indie artists distributing through Record Union (Vinsten, Medina) - with the Sony Music talent team actively listening to music released on Record Union it is just a matter of time before we have new success stories to announce.

Sales reporting just got even better

October 1st, 2013

Today we have rolled out a new and massively improved interface for viewing and keeping track over royalty payments. This huge overhaul of our old Royalty & Reports page contains a number of key improvements and additions, here is an overview:

  • - First and foremost, we have built a powerful graphing tool enabling you to view and compare how much    your music has generated on each service. This also provides the option of viewing total royalties per each store for one or multiple releases.
  • - This update also includes a improved summary page giving you an overview of all royalties at a glance
  • - Also revamped is the transaction overview which shows you all the payment you have received from all the different digital services your music is available on. This statement can also be downloaded in spreadsheet format.

You can access this new page right now by logging into your Record Union account and heading to the “Royalties & Reports” page. We hope you like!

If you have feedback or experience any issues using the feature contact our support team and we will check it out right away.