Using Record Union they took Spotify by storm - now Medina sign with EMI

Using Record Union the unsigned duo Medina shot straight up the Spotify charts – this has now given them the long-awaited deal with a major label.

Though it is sad to see such talented and driven artists leave Record Union we are nonetheless thrilled to have been able to do our part in helping the Medina duo reach the next goal in their music careers.

What Medina has shown - and Record Union, Spotify and the majors have understood - is that today the audience chooses for themselves what they want to hear. If something is good then this is shown directly in the form of clicks and listens. For Label A&Rs in the digital age it is thus as much about keeping eye on services like Spotify as it is for listening to material which is sent in to them directly.

This point defines an import role of Record Union in the music industry of today – that of a Springboard. In addition to being a way for independent artists to sell and promote their music on digital services around the world – Record Union is also an important launch pad for artists aiming to get signed.

We often get asked: ‘Can Record Union help me get signed?’ Our reply has always been a cautious ‘Well, if this is your goal then having a strong record of digital sales will increase your chances’. This has never been truer than it is today.

We would like to congratulate Medina for reaching this important goal in their career – we will be watching with interest to see where this journey will lead and wish you the very best in the future.

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